A hanging textile, whose dimensions are those of an A4 sheet enlarged at the scale of the window, contains a set of semi-transparent sketches. The polyurethane foam, usually used to fill in hollow walls, becomes part of the fabric lining, and gives to the body the shape of a character whose posture is as extraordinary as uncomfortable. A leg, a foot, a face… A great confusion. Excellence and madness of a body trained to the extreme. What move did this athlete do to find himself in such an awkward position ? Did he pull a muscle during training ? The softness of the material gives a nearly fun flexibility to the body caught into a game of human Tetris.

Playing with the limits of the fabric like those of a sheet, the drawing resembles a sculpture. This bas-relief does not illustrate an ancient scene, but seems to suggest a mysterious allegory in which anyone can find a meaning. What is this strange combat hold inflicted to oneself ?

Falsely naïve, the artwork looks like a totem. Emblem or amulet, perhaps it symbolizes a contemporary situation. This body seems fragmented into photographic sequences and refers to the very first scenes of silent films, to the chronophotograph decomposing the movement and staging gags in which the characters get beat at their own game (L’arroseur arrosé).

Anna Ozanne, Tatami, text written as part of l’Art au Centre #6, Liège (BE), 2021